The role of my life


.The role of my life from Alexandra Guité on Vimeo.

Mini DV. 10mins42
December 2009

Short film directed with humor and friendship as a Christmas gift for fellow Kino Film Movement member Alexandre Roy.

Every year, members of the Kino film collective* create a short film in homage of a colleague whose name they have drawn.  Films are projected at Kino’s Christmas party.

*Kino is a Montreal based collective of filmmakers who help each other make their films come true.

NB: “The role of my life¨ contains references known by friends of Alexandre Roy.

With Stéphane Moukarzel, André Nadeau, François Jacob, Jean-François Robichaud and Valérie Fortin

Written, directed and produced by Alexandra Guité
Image : Alexandra Guité, Anna Lupien and François Jacob
Editing : Étienne Gagnon

Extracts from Kino films by Alexandre Roy des films kino de Alexandre Roy
Decygne-moi un mouton
Héros Canadiens Français dans l’Espace
Film d’horeur cubiste

Music: Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, Saint-Louis Blues